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International motorcycle shipping, shipping motorcycle overseas

Crated Shipping

You can provide the crated bike to the shipper i.e. purchase a crate of your choice and have the bike crated on your own. The crated bike will need to be delivered to the shipping company and picked up from the destination port.

Uncrated Shipping

Motorbikes will be shipped uncrated in the trailer. The trailers are customized with tracks to fit in the bike’s wheels. The front and rear ends of the bike are tied down with straps to secure it in place.

Pallet Shipping

The motorbike is individually mounted on a heavy-duty wooden pallet and secured tightly with soft straps both at the front and rear ends. The pallet is then put into an enclosed trailer for shipping. This is a door-to-door service.

Container Shipping

The motorbike will be shipped in an individual container with tracks where the wheels will fit in. You will have to provide the straps and tie and untie them yourself. You will also have to lock the container with your lock. The bike will have to be dropped-off and picked up at the shipping terminals.