Do`s and Don`ts of Shipping A Motorcycle Overseas

More than one thing can go wrong when youíre looking to ship a motorcycle overseas. There is a way to avoid problems, however, and that is to make sure that you know the doís and doníts of shipping a motorcycle overseas before you actually make any arrangements for the shipping.

The Doís of Motorcycle Shipping

When Packing

There are several containers to pick from and each one of them has a pro and con depending on the kind of motorcycle youíre looking to send out. Aside from picking the most suitable container for your motorcycle, you should also drain all of the fluids from the motorcycle. This includes the oil, the gasoline and all of the fluids from the radiator. In addition to the draining of fluids, remove the battery from the motorcycle, and decrease the air pressure in the tires.

When Taking Precautions

Also, do make a detailed list of all of the items included in the container to ensure that nothing gets loss in the shipping process. Additional safety precautions that you should take in terms of shipping are to have photographs of the crate already sealed and photos of all of the items inside the crate as well. In the event that the crate or container gets lost, the photographs will prove very handy for those tasked with locating the crate.

When Dealing With Shipping Companies

When it comes to choosing a company or agent for the shipping, choose only well established companies. Make sure that they provide you with five copies of any documentation made, especially the list of the crate or containers contents. Also, create a phonebook of contacts of personnel from the shipping company so that you have more than one person to contact. Lastly, if the option is available, have the company ship the bike to your home.

The Doníts of Motorcycle Shipping

The things that you shouldnít do are considerably shorter than the doís but that doesnít make them any less important. The number one thing that you should never do is presume that other people will do all of the work for you. Always check and recheck the details of the shipment. There may be things that the shipping company forgets to inform you of and this could pose a problem in the long run. Also, donít choose a company based on price alone. A companyís services may be cheap but that could mean that they arenít as equipped to handle the shipping.

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