Motorcycle Shipping FAQs

Many people these days opt for shipping of motorcycles when they are relocated from a company, when they are about to go on a bike vacation, or for many other purposes. If you are one of them, you would have many questions in regarding the shipment options, the processes to be followed, and generally regarding motorcycle shipping. The following are a few such Frequently Asked Questions.
  1. What would I need to know before getting my motorcycle shipped?
    There is a certain restriction that most of the shipping companies impose on the size of the motorcycle. They would provide you a 4ft X 9ft space to accommodate the bike. You would need to ensure that your motorcycle stays within the space allocated by the shipping companies. You would also need to know how much your motorcycle weighs, so that you could let it be known to the shipping company. You are required to unlock the bike’s steering, remove and keep the keys, fold in all the mirrors of the bike if that would be possible, and take away all the accessories included in the bike, like the saddlebags and the glove box. You should not be sending the bike’s keys or any important document along with the motorcycle. You can instead send them through an overnight courier. However, the driver of the shipping company would not be picking up or delivering the bike’s keys and documents.

  2. Is the bike fully insured?
    Yes, the shipping company would get the bike fully insured or covered up to $25,000, while the bike is in their possession. There would not be any extra charge and nothing is deductible to the customer.

  3. Is my motorcycle safe?
    Most motorcycle owners are often concerned about the safety of their vehicles. The shipping companies on the other hand, would understand the concerns of these bike owners. They would treat the motorcycle with care, and in the same way as they treat theirs. Most of these shipping companies often consider the motorcycle to be in their possession for the entire time period of shipment. However, as bike owners, you would need to check that the shipping companies that they have made use of do not end up contracting it out to other carriers. If that does not happen, it can be ensured that the motorcycle is safe.

  4. Is the motorcycle insured during the transit process?
    The motorcycle would be insured by the shipping company that you have chosen up to a maximum of $5000. This would include your bike’s shipping costs also. If you want to opt for any additional insurance, you would have the option which enables you to buy this insurance at about 1% rate, on the bike’s declared value above $5000. You would also have to note down any damage that is already done to the motorcycle. These damages should be included on the Bill of Lading which is issued at the time of delivery of the motorcycle. Please note that any insurance claim is not entertained after the bike’s delivery.

  5. Are the quotes all inclusive? Is there any hidden charge?
    The prices quoted by most of the shipping companies include all the required charges. There are no hidden costs of any sort.

  6. Why do the motorcycle shipping companies collect a down payment?
    When a customer approaches a motorcycle shipping company, they negotiate with the shippers and the customers are committed to the ship. They are informed of the terms and conditions, as well as of the rate charged on the shipment. So, the shipper can spend time finalizing the bookings, tracking and delivering them.

  7. How many days in advance do I need to call?
    The customer should allow enough time for the shipping company to pick the bike up. An advance time of about a week would be ideal. However, if there is an urgent situation, you could call up the shipping company, and they would prioritize your request.

  8. How long does it take to pick the motorcycle shipping companies to pick the motorcycle?
    The shipping companies normally arrange for pick up within 4 working days after you place your order. Most of these companies prioritize your order and pick your motorcycle earlier than scheduled at additional rates.

  9. How far in advance do the motorcycle shipping companies accept reservation?
    The shipping companies would accept reservation up to about two months in advance.

  10. How much does it take to ship my motorcycle?
    The price for shipping is arrived at, based on the mileage of the motorcycle, its size, and weight and delivery location.

  11. What are the payment options that the motorcycle shipping companies accept from their customers?
    Most motorcycle shipping companies accept Personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders by post and payments by credit cards. A payment by wire transfer or a certified check would earn a discount with most shipping companies.

  12. Can the accessories of the motorcycle and other belongings be sent with the shipping?
    No, the shipping companies do not allow you to send any accessory of the bike, or any other belonging with the shipping.

  13. Does the customer have to be available while the shipping company picks up the motorcycle?
    It would be fine if the customer has someone arranged, like a friend or a relative, who can sign the pick up document on behalf of the customer. You need to make sure that somebody is available and this person should be reachable for the driver to make an appointment and pick the vehicle. The driver normally picks the bike up within 3 to 24 hours after making the call, and the delivery time is within 4 hours of the call.

  14. How can the customer track the shipment of the motorcycle?
    The bill that the driver provides on pick up would include the Lading number. This number can be considered as the tracking number through the shipment process. You can make use of the Tracking page in the motorcycle shipping company’s website to track the bike.

  15. Will the motorcycle be driven?
    Most often, your bike would not even be started by the shipping company. This is because the motorcycles are not very heavy, and they can be easily transported. The motorcycle may be driven by some companies when the truck driver loads and unloads your motorcycle into and out of the trailer, so as to optimize the space available on the trailer. The motorcycle is never ridden except for this. You would be able to verify it by noticing any discrepancy on the odometer, before you sign your delivery report.