Five Steps for International Motorcycle Shipping

Want to show off your motorcycle at a show? Planning on joining in on a motorcycle event? Or did you just purchase a motorcycle from an overseas dealer and need to get it shipped to you? There are so many reasons to want to ship a motorcycle overseas and it can seem really intimidating at first glance. Although there may be some bumps in the road, shipping a motorcycle overseas doesnít have to be a convoluted and troublesome process. Actually, the steps to getting your motorcycle shipped overseas can all be segregated into five steps.

Step One: Choosing a Shipping Company

Choosing the company that will ship your motorcycle is certainly the most important step you will have to take. You can take every precaution there is to take with the packing or documentation process, but if you donít have a good company handling your bike, you could wind up with a damaged bike, or worse, a lost one. An important thing to consider in this step is the credibility of the company.

Cheap companies could come with hidden charges or inexperience. The best thing to do in this first step is to ask for quotes from several shipping companies. Be upfront with them in terms of your expectations and ask them to be upfront with you when it comes to extra charges and policies.

Step Two: Picking the Right Shipping Option

Extra charges can arise depending on the shipping option that you choose. You can choose between two shipping options. The first is door-to-door shipping while the second is terminal shipping. Door-to-door shipping is the most preferred shipping method as it means that the company will pick up the motorcycle from your home and ship it directly to the address that you provide. Terminal shipping means that you deliver and pick up the motorcycle to a port or warehouse designated by your shipping company. Terminal shipping could be cheaper, but there may be more risk involved.

Step Three: Prepping the Motorcycle

To prep your motorcycle for overseas shipping, the first thing you need to do is to strip the motorcycle of any accessories and drain all of the fluids from the motorcycle. Although containers or crates are provided for the safe transport of the motorcycle, the motorcycle needs to be free of fluids or accessories to make sure that unnecessary damage to the motorcycle while in transit is avoided.

Step Four: Gathering all of the Necessary Documents

No matter what youíre shipping, there are always going to be a handful of documents that you need to secure before you can proceed with the shipping. For example, you should have clearance and titles from the Department of Motor Vehicles of your country. You should also have been cleared of any payments for the motorcycle from any banks or companies involved. Another important piece of documentation you should have is export clearance as made necessary by the customs laws of your country. Also, make sure you have at least five copies of every document.

Step Five: Get Insurance

Having insurance is a very important step to take when youíre shipping your motorcycle overseas. Shipping companies typically offer insurance for your motorcycle up to a maximum of five thousand dollars. When getting your insurance, make sure you have a list of any damages already done to the motorcycle. Also, make sure to remember that insurance claims are generally not entertained once the motorcycle arrives as its destination.

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