Five Things You Need to Know before Shipping Your Motorcycle Overseas

When it comes to shipping motorcycles overseas, there are so many steps, processes, necessities and options involved that it could be dizzying. Having some general knowledge on hand will not only help make the shipping process smoother, but it could also save you time and money. Here are five things that you need to know before you ship your motorcycle overseas.

1: Shipping Restrictions

Motorcycle shipping companies tend to set restrictions on the motorcycles being shipped, particularly when it comes to the size of the motorcycle in question. Generally, motorcycle shipping companies will provide the owner with a container that is four feet by nine feet, however, different companies may offer larger containers for additional costs. Before you ship, you have to make sure that your motorcycle fits the space allotted to you by the shipping company. If not, special arrangements may need to be made. The weight of your motorcycle is also an important factor.

2: Packing the Crate or Container

Under no circumstances should you include the keys or important documents in the shipping container. Accessories of the bike should not be included in the crate or container either. The shipping companies is not responsible for the pick up for delivery of these items and those that claim otherwise could be tricking you and end up causing you problems at the end of the motorcycle’s transit. As such, only the bike should be included in the shipping crate or container. Choose a separate courier service to send these items overseas.

3: Tracking Methods

You should always have a way to track the shipment of your motorcycle and knowing the tracking methods of the shipping company is definitely something you should know before pushing through with the shipment. Ask the shipping company f they have a tracking page on their website. Also, make sure you have the lading number of the container to keep tabs on the progress being made.

4: Shipping Options

Always be aware of the shipping options available to you. Though the most preferred method of shipping is door-to-door shipping, you may want to choose transit shipping if you’re looking to save money. However, before you choose your shipping option, you should be well informed on the risks of the different shipping options. For example, transit shipping could have more risk in terms of the safety of your motorcycle.

5: Shipping Methods

Knowing the different shipping methods available to you will help you make a more informed decision. The four shipping methods generally available are crated shipping, container shipping, uncrated shipping and pallet shipping. Depending on the kind of motorcycle you are sending overseas, you may not need to use a crate or a container. Look into the processes involved with the different shipping methods and the pros and cons of the method as well.

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