How to ensure the safety of your motorcycle when opting for International Motorcycle Shipping?

When you decide to relocate to a different country, the responsibility of finding a good moving company for shipping the belongings and the precious motorcycle safely is quite high. Though you may come across many companies to move the other things safely, only a few highly trained companies can transport the motorcycle safely. Finding such a company is really stressful. The entire process of shipping the bike can involve lots of risks that need to be eliminated by following a few safety measures.

You need to understand that transporting a motorcycle should be entrusted to a good moving company who has specialized in the process. There are many differences between transporting other valuables and the motorcycle. Since the model and design of the motorcycle are different and only the stand can support the motorcycle, extreme care has to be taken.

Insurance: The motorcycle being shipped has higher exposure to risks from external elements during the course of transportation. You need to get valid and sufficient insurance coverage for the vehicle when you get the quote from the moving company. The insurance cover should protect the vehicle against scratches, climate, and any major mishaps. You can get additional cover for the vehicle if required.

Preparations: The motorcycle should be transported in a good container that is closed or open. Specific straps should be used to secure the bike to the container so that it does not move during the transportation. The gas tank should be emptied and the battery removed. The motorcycle has to be thoroughly washed before it is shipped and even if it is being shipped in an open container. This will help you to spot any damage on the vehicle before the shipment. Any alarm device attached to the motorcycle should be disabled. All the loose parts such as tank bags, saddle bags and hard luggage should be secured tightly. The tires should be inflated properly and you need to check for the fluid leaks in the bike before transportation. Remember to fold the side mirrors. It is very important that you keep the bike in neutral gear. The bike could suffer damages if there are any engaged transmissions during the course of transportation.

Documents: The key and the title deeds should not be shipped along with the motorcycle and it is very important that a bill of lading is obtained with the details of the mover and the conditions of the contract detailed in it. Ensure that the copies of all the documents are with the moving company to handle customs clearance.

Precautions: Observe how the moving company secures the bike in the container as the same should meet the regulations as specified by the government and transport industry. The moving company that ships your vehicle should have storage facility to keep the vehicle for sometime if needed. You should also be having online tracking privileges so that you know where the vehicle is in the course of the transportation. A safe and secure packing of the bike can ensure a safe international shipping of the motorcycle.

You need not be under any pressure for finding the right type of moving company for the international shipping of motorcycle. You can take the guidance and help of the online forms available in the websites. The details that you provide will get you free quotes from good moving companies. Now all that you need to do is just compare them and finalize the company for the process. Quite simple, is it not?