How to get a good International Motorcycle shipping deal

When you have decided about relocating to a different country for a brighter future, it is imperative that you have started the process of finding a good moving company for transporting your goods and motorcycle also. Getting a good moving company for the purpose is not an easy walk through as it involves plenty of researching and efforts on your side. You need to find one with the help of reliable sources and websites. The offer that you get from the moving company should be well within your budget and yet offer the services that you require from them.

You need to remember that getting a good deal for the international motorcycle shipping should not mean paying less as this will only lead to poor quality of services and hidden charges in the quotes. Especially when you opt for shipping your vehicle through uncrated containers, the risk of the bike getting damaged is quite high and you may have to pay heavily for repairing the same. Some of the tips that you need to follow for getting a good deal are:
  • A good and professional moving company that has great experience in international transportation of motorcycles. You need to check their services and get feedback from people who have used their services. They should be using the latest technology for their services and quality.
  • Go for only insured and licensed moving companies that are adhering to the rules of the Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Highway Administration. You should check the license and a copy of the same should be with you. If you are not permitted to check the same, you can be sure that the company is not genuine.
  • You can look for a moving company that has specialized in motorcycle shipping. The company should have had experience in handling exclusive bikes such as Harley or BMW because of the unique build of the bikes. The company should have trained personnel for handling fragile bikes.
  • The moving company should have proper equipments to handle the transportation. You can ask them to explain how the bike will be shipped and about the equipments they have.
  • The container plays a major role in the safety of the motorcycle. An open container will expose the bike to external elements and can cause damage to the vehicle. Proper loading and unloading equipment should be available with the moving company as any improper loading can damage the bike.
  • The moving company should fasten the bike securely to the container with the help of specific straps.
  • The price quoted in the invoice should include the distance to travel and the weight of the bike. You can ask for services such as packing and door to door pickup and delivery options. You need to negotiate the prices hard with the moving company so that it falls well within your budget.
  • Ensure that the insurance cover is provided by the moving company for the vehicle. This should protect the vehicle against any damage that can occur during the course of the transportation.
  • Also find out about the storage facility at a nominal rate in case of necessity.
You can contain the expense of shipping your motorcycle internationally and also enjoy certain privileges that will be well within your budget when you find the right type of moving company. You can get the help and guidance of online forms available on the websites for making your search easy and less strenuous. You need to provide all the details of your requirements and you will get free quotes from moving companies. Then you can decide about the company that can do the job for you.