How to prepare your motorcycle for shipping it overseas

It is essential that you understand the implications of transporting your motorcycle to another country when you are in pursuit of better prospects or other reasons. You need to realize there are many factors such as weather, customs, and mechanical breakdown that can cause considerable delay in the shipment. A well-known and experienced moving company can guide you in the process and deliver the vehicle safely after the transportation. There are a few things you must remember when working on the transportation process.

Preparation of the vehicle for the international transportation requires greater care and accuracy. You will have to:
  • Drain the tank of the vehicle and remove any fluid from the motorcycle as it may cause fire accidents during the transportation.
  • The motorcycle has to be washed thoroughly even if you are going to ship it on an open trailer. Also you can find out scratches or any damages on the bike before the transportation.
  • You need to disable any alarm device fixed to the bike. You can get the help from the moving company for the same.
  • All the loose parts such as hard luggage, tank bags or exhaust should be secured tightly to the vehicle so that they do not move and get damaged during the transportation. The mirrors also have to be folded.
  • The battery has to be charged fully and the tires should be properly inflated.
  • A careful scrutiny of the operational problems with the bike should be informed to the moving company before the transportation.
  • Remember to remove all the extra parts from the bike during the transportation. These things will not be covered by the insurance for loss or damage during the transportation. The moving company will not take any responsibility for these items. The bill of lading also will not mention about these items.
  • All the relevant documents should be kept ready and a set of these documents along with the duplicate key should be handed over to the moving company for getting the vehicle cleared through the customs of the new country.
  • Ensure that the motorcycle meets all the requirements as specified by the department of transportation in the new country. If any modifications are required, you need to make them before the transportation and get the approval from the concerned authorities.
  • Pictures of the motorcycle before the transportation will help you in filing claims with the insurance company if you find any damages after the shipping.
  • It is important that the motorcycle is in good running condition at the time of shipment. This will avoid more expenses for you.
  • It is also essential that you do a comprehensive vehicle inspection before the shipment.
  • The bike should be kept in neutral gear since if the vehicle is in gear, any engaged transmission will heighten the chances of damage to the vehicle.
  • Careful packing of the vehicle will also help in safe transportation of the vehicle. You can take help from the moving company for the same.
Ensure that you hire the best moving company for the international shipping of your vehicle as this will help the bike reaching you in safe and protected manner. To find such a moving company who has great experience in this line, you can take the help of online forms available in the websites. You just need to give details of your requirements and you will get free quotes from moving companies. You can compare them and finalize the company for the process.