Insurance Options for International Motorcycle Shipping

Although shipping motorcycles internationally has been deemed safe and various companies have specialized ways of shipping motorcycles to prevent damage, it’s always a good idea to take precautions as there is no way to predict what could happen while your motorcycle is in transit. As such, minimum amount insurance is something that you should ask your shipping company about so that you can protect your motorcycle against damage or loss.

However, even if motorcycle shipping companies are required by law to provide cargo protection insurance, the insurance policies of shipping companies almost never cover the motorcycle’s full value. When you pick a shipping company, ask them to inform you of the damages that the insurance policy of the company offers. Depending on the coverage, you may want to avail of other insurance options like the following:

Second-Party Insurance

Shipping internationally is a long process and though many safety precautions are put in place, it is always a possibility that your motorcycle will sustain damages before it arrives to its specified destination. Second-Party insurance guarantees that if your motorcycle is destroyed or sustains any damages while it is in transit, the shipping company will replace or repair the motorcycle.

Voyage Policies

Voyage policies are written with very specific terms in order to protect the item being shipped from a specific origin to a specific destination. Since there can be delays caused unexpectedly, the length of the transit is typically not given in the policy so that any delays do not cause problems in terms of insurance. However, this insurance policy ends as soon as the motorcycle reaches the destination.

All-Risk Insurance

All-risk cargo policies cover all kinds of physical loss or damage to the motorcycle no matter what the cause so long as it is external (such as acts of God like heavy weather, lightning, etc.). Any exclusion to this policy can also be added on as an additional clause if desired. For example, an all-risk insurance can include damages caused by he leaking of battery acids or industrial fall out. It can also be written to include any mechanical malfunctions due to vibration while in transit. Damages caused by freezing or heat may also be covered.

There could be various reasons for why different motorcycle shipping companies only offer certain kinds of insurance policies. This is why it is extremely important that you read the fine print of your shipping company’s policies before you sign