International Motorcycle Shipping Guide

Are you finalizing your plans to move to a different country for brighter prospects? And are you working on a good moving company for transporting your personal belongings? It is natural that you are anxious about shipping your precious motorcycle. It should come as good news to you that many moving companies have started taking up transporting motorcycles internationally and that too, with the least trouble for you as a shipper. However, it is to be noted that there are a few vital tips that you need to follow to make the shipment smooth.

Moving company: Probably the most important thing that requires your attention is finding a good moving company for shipping your motorcycle. You need to search on the internet and through reliable sources for such companies and when you are happy about their credentials, you can get quotes from them for the transportation. Upon comparing them, you can decide. The quote should include the distance to cover, insurance, weight, type of services that you have requested from them, and the mode of transportation, such as air or ship.

Packing: It is very crucial that the motorcycle is packed very carefully and the contents are marked clearly on the packing. Since certain parts or items can attract import duties and customs, it is important that the description is given clearly and in consultation with the moving company. The batteries and any type of fuel should not be found in the motorcycle as these are not permitted. All the parts have to be tied down properly and the tire pressure should be reduced. It is also advisable to take photographs of the condition of the bike which will help you in raising claims with the insurance company for any damage found after the transportation. All the documents that are needed for the transportation, such as original bill, ownership documents, insurance, driving license, address, and release from lien if the motorcycle has been purchased with financial assistance, have to be readied and a copy of these documents should be given to the moving company.

Things not to do: It is essential that you check the details personally and not to depend on others. You can get the services of the moving company that offers the service at a cheaper rate but ensure that all that you have asked for are complied with. Only the center stand and side stand has to be used. No fluid is to be found in the bike. Have a fork lift ready to take the motorcycle from the container. Mirrors should not be left open.

Insurance: The insurance cover for the motorcycle should protect the vehicle from any damage that can occur during the course of the transportation. The moving company should provide the insurance cover for the entire value of the motorcycle. If the cover is not sufficient, you need to get additional cover to protect the vehicle.

Other aspects: It is also important that you find out if the type of motorcycle that you plan to transport is permitted to be driven on the roads of the new country. All the documents that are needed to get the vehicle released through the customs should be with you. You can also send the copy of the documents and the duplicate keys of the vehicles to your representative who will be taking delivery of the motorcycle in the new country.

It is important that you follow the requirements for the international motorcycle shipping without any violation and most of the problems can be solved by finalizing a good moving company. To make the process easier, you can get the guidance of online forms available in the websites. When you provide all the details of your requirements, you will get free quotes, using which you can finalize the company for the transportation. Such a simple solution!