Is Motorcycle Shipping Different from Car Shipping?

When you think about the process of shipping, you think crates, shipping companies and rates. Because of this, many people tend to make the assumption that shipping cars and motorcycles are very much the same. However similar the processes of shipping for the two vehicles may be, there are two very important differences to take note of when shipping a car and shipping a motorcycle overseas.

The First Difference: Safety

Take into consideration the size of a car. It has four wheels that allow it to stand while being shipped and a handbrake designed to keep the car in place when it is activated. Now think of a motorcycle. It is much lighter than a car, only has two wheels and no handbrake. This means that the motorcycle only has its stand to keep it upright and no securing mechanism to keep it from moving. Because of the difference in build, shipping a motorcycle takes much more effort and requirements in terms of packing and crating than a car does to keep the vehicle safe from damage while itís in transit.

In fact, there are even different packing precautions for different kinds of bikes while the packing and crating of a car is more straightforward. Also, accessories of bikes cannot be included in the crate to avoid extra risk of damage.

The Second Different: Price

Since motorcycles are smaller than cars, people believe that shipping motorcycles is much cheaper than shipping a car overseas. Well, in truth, itís actually the other way around and this is also because of the size of motorcycles in comparison to cars. There are much more tools and special equipment needed for the transportation and shipping of motorcycles.

For example, carriers, containers or crates are specially designed and made for the purpose of shipping motorcycles. Tracks and palettes need to be specifically fitted to the tires of the motorcycle and extra straps are needed to keep the bike upright in its container. Despite being smaller than a car, the extra items needed to keep the bike safe actually cause it to take up just as much space as a car does in a container. The need for extra space and tools can cause the shipping of a motorcycle overseas to cost more than the shipping of a car.

Just because a company specializes in the shipping of cars doesnít necessarily mean that theyíre good at shipping motorcycles too. Make sure you find a shipping company that is well equipped and knowledgeable in the shipping of motorcycles overseas and ask for quotes from several companies.

To make your information gathering easier, you might want to look into free online quotes services. To avail of this service, all you have to do is access the form online at our site and fill in the required details such as the country of origin, the country you are shipping to and the special requirements of the motorcycle. In return, quotes and estimates from several different shipping companies will be sent to you by us to help make picking the company you want easier.