Motorcycle Shipping Minneapolis

Are you on the verge of moving to Minneapolis and wondering how to start the process? Moving your personal belongings always gets the top priority and here too, moving your motorcycle gets more importance as it is never an easy task finding a good transportation company. Find below a few key factors that will ensure a smooth and easy motorcycle shipping Minneapolis.

Do understand that most of the moving companies are capable of shipping motorcycles or cars or trucks. But the question here is how safe they can do it. You have to follow meticulously a few steps such as:

  • Obtaining free quotes from the moving company without any hidden charges
  • Getting reviews from the internet about the credibility of the company
  • Find out the methods the company will use to move your motorcycle
  • You should also ascertain if the moving company that you select will take up pickup the bike from your origin and drop off the same at the destination. The charges for the same should be included in the quote.
  • Find out if the moving company will use Custom pallet for strapping the bike to the container, cover the same properly before loading.
  • Ensure if the company will undertake speedier delivery in case required.
  • The moving company should offer you specialized pallet, securing system and protective cover free of cost.
  • The transportation time

What are the methods by which my motorcycle will be transported?

Open air trailers: It is quite a common sight to see trailers with cars and motorbikes arranged neatly in open air trailers. This is a very convenient method and it saves much of your time too to shift your motorcycle. Heavy traffic can be avoided and waiting time at the gas stations can be prevented by using open air trailers.

Enclosed trailers: If you have luxury motorcycle, you would prefer enclosed trailers to transport your bikes to Minneapolis. Your vehicle will be well protected against any weather changes or debris which may cause scratches or cracks on the body of your vehicle by opting for the enclosed trailers.

Container service: For better protection of your vehicle you can opt for container service. You will be allotted an individual container and your bike will be loaded into it. It will be properly secured to the container to prevent any movement and damage.

What instructions can I expect from the moving companies?

Be it an international or local transportation, you will get the following instructions from the moving company:

  • Wash your vehicle for appropriate inspection:. Your vehicle will be inspected by the moving company at any point during the whole process. It is hence advised that your bike is washed and cleaned properly.
  • Removal of any personal items from your bike: Ensure that none of your personal items like jewellery, vital documents, or electronic devices are left in your vehicle.
  • Leave only quarter tank fuel in the gas tank: Since any extra fuel may cause leakage and accident you are expected to have only minimal level of fuel in your bike.
  • Remove or protect all the loose parts: You will be instructed to remove loose parts such as the mirror, handlebars, and any other detachable parts and if they can’t be removed, you have to protect them with proper covering.
  • Proper registration: When you are relocating to a new state, you should make sure that your vehicle is registered with the state's department of motor vehicles and the number plates are changed shortly after you move. Each state has a different time specification within which you should do this, and this time frame varies from state to state. So it's advisable to be prepared and know what needs to be done prior to your move.

Select the best suited moving company for motorcycle shipping Minneapolis and move on to take care of the other aspects of the relocation. This will relax you greatly!