The Motorcycle Shipping Process

Are you looking forward to shipping your motorcycle to another country? You may want to ship your motorcycle to another part of the world due to reasons like vacations on motorcycles, following a motorcycle purchase over the internet, to part take in vintage motorcycle shows, auctions or any motorcycle event. Irrespective of why you would want to get your motorcycle shipped, there are several motorcycle shipping companies who offer you easy and quick solutions to get the motorcycle shipping process done.

As the first step to get your motorcycle shipped internationally, you would need to get your vehicle prepared.

First Step: Preparation

Preparation of the vehicle to get it shipped involves the following steps: you would need to drain the fuel to almost one-eighth of the tank capacity. You would also need to fasten any cable and remove any accessory for safe keeping. You would have to appoint a motorcycle shipping company that ships motorcycles across nations. You may check with the motorcycle shipping company regarding arrangement of transport of the bike from your place of origin to the destination port.

You could also get a quote from the shipping company to obtain the actual shipping prices. Most of these companies also offer online request forms that you can fill out to help them in providing precise quotes. You need to provide them with the correct delivery address, the kind of the vehicle and its size, the delivery time you request and the type of insurance you choose. These companies sometimes offer discounts based on the type of order you have raised. These online quotes would help to save a lot of time.

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Step Two: Documentation

You should certainly have the actual clean title issued by the Motor Vehicles Department of your state, for the motorcycle you want to ship. The motorcycle should have cleared any payments due to the bank or financial company. As per the US Customs laws, the export clearance for any motorized vehicle should be obtained before the departure of the vessel, and this rule applies to the international motorcycle shipping too.

Step Three: Pricing

Be careful about the extremely cheap prices offered by some shipping companies to ship your bike. Sometimes the low prices might only be extra rates, and might not include the actual quote, fuel surcharges, packing charges, delivery charges, or any other fees. Otherwise it could also be an inexperienced company that you are dealing with. These companies may not handle the bike safely and it might get damaged. So, it is better to go for a reasonably fair quote.

Step Four: Shipping Options

You motorcycle may be shipped in two ways. The option you choose could bring great changes to the price you pay. The first option is door-to-door shipping. This is the most common type of shipping in which the company picks the bike up from your residence and delivers it at an individual address. You could also choose a terminal shipping option where you would pick up and deliver the motorcycle to the export warehouse or ocean port. Choosing the latter option can help you to save some money.

Safety of the Bike

Your bike is going to be safe if you choose the right shipper for the transit. In most cases, it is going to be safe; rarely there have been cases where the carriage trucks have done damage to the motorcycle. So, you ought to be careful about the nature of transport as well as alternating trucks. You could select a company that uses special trailers to transport the bike.