Motorcycle Shipping Options

Shipping of a motorcycle involves many risks, and you would need to choose a good provider to help you with it. The shipping company you choose should have proper packing and moving services, and handle the shipping professionally. Several of these shipping companies use trailers that could include 30-40 vehicles at a go, depending on type, make and model of the vehicles. The normal space allocated per vehicle is about 4 ft wide X 9 ft. For a larger size, the companies might levy an oversize fee too, like those including sidecars, jet-skis, and so on. There are four shipping options that most of the motorcycle shipping companies provide to their customers. They are crated shipping, pallet shipping, uncrated shipping and container shipping.

Crated Shipping

In this option, a crate is used to pack the motorcycles. You could do the packing, or get it done by shipping company, if they provide this service. There are several service based companies which can provide motorcycle crating services. They get the motorcycle packing done at their warehouses, or get it done at the client's location. When you make use of crates to pack the motorcycles, you need to take care to see that the bikes are properly fastened using motorcycle straps. You also need to ensure that every connection point is protected using soft straps. When the client gets the motorcycle packed, they would crate the bike, drop it off and then pick it up at the shipping company's points. Some of these companies also offer door-to-door-services to you. You need to ensure that while crating, you ought to drain the fluids from the bike and disconnect the battery. The bike should be completely enclosed.

Pallet Shipping

This sort of shipping allows the bike to be included in a normal, heavy duty wooden pallet, and hence the name. It is then strapped down securely, using soft tie down straps. The strapping is done at the front as well as rear of the bike. These motorcycles are then protected using a cover. The cover is given free by most companies. Once the palleting of the bike is done, it is fork-lifted onto the truck safely.

Uncrated Shipping

As the name indicates, a pallet or crate is not used to pack motorcycles in this case. During uncrated shipping, the companies providing the services make use of trailers which are rigged in order to transport the bikes. Many of these trailers also include tracks on the floor in order to fit the wheels onto them. The bikes are then secured using soft tie-down straps. This helps to secure the front and rear of the bikes. The charges in this kind of shipping are based on the distance of transportation.

Container Shipping

In this option, the shipping company would make use of a heavy duty metal container that is specially designed to transport the bikes. You could take your bike to the initial or the origin terminal and then pick it up from the destination terminal of the company. These terminals are normally located close to the airports in every city. In this case also, the fluids from the bike are drained and the battery is disconnected prior to loading the bike onto the container. The bike’s wheels fit into a track on the floor. Tie- down straps are used inside the container.