Shipping motorcycles to Australia

You are probably one among those who have decided to move to Australia, either for permanent residence or for occupation purposes. You will find that the primary concern of such a relocation is moving things. Finding a good international moving company for transporting things safely without damage will be the primary concern for you, once you have taken the decision. You would have heard stories about how people struggled to find such a good moving company, how they had to run from pillar to post to get the genuine details about the companies, how they had to struggle to organize things, and so on. But you can rest assured, you will never face such a traumatic experience when you come to us. For finding a good moving company who will charge you well within your limits, you need to get at least 5-6 quotes, compare them, and then finalize one. We understand your difficulties absolutely. All that you need to do is just fill in our online form with the details of your requirements. We will get you free quotes from good moving companies, and you just need to compare them and finalize one that satisfies you to the maximum. It is as simple as that, and remember again, this is done free of cost, as we have realized the difficulties of finding a good moving company.

You need to focus much on transporting your motorcycle when you have decided to move to Australia. You must find out if your mover undertakes moving motorcycles. In this process, there are many things that you need to look into:
  • You must get references from the ones who have availed their services for transporting motorcycle to Australia
  • You must contact them personally and verify about their experience in shipping motorcycles to Australia.
  • Once you are satisfied about their credentials, you must find out what they require from you to get the motorcycle ready for transporting to Australia.
  • You may be asked to drain the fuel and other fluids, disassemble the bike and also remove other loose parts, and pack the same in container.
  • Find out if the moving company has arrangements with somebody in Australia who can get the motorcycle cleared through the customs and guide you on any permits that you may have to possess in order to ride the vehicle on the Australian streets.
  • The moving company should guide you on the size of the motorcycle that can be driven on the Australian roads and should apprise you of the laws of the country.
  • Find out if the motorcycle will be transported via roll on roll off means, which is very simple and economical too but this service should be available for Australia.
  • You must ensure the means of transportation, such as ship or airfreight. You may have to pay more for airfreight but you can get your motorcycle transported fast.
  • Ensure if the moving comapny that you fix provide door to door service.
  • You must apply for import approval and your vehicle should comply with the rules prevailing in Australia.
  • Since Australia is very particular about preventing insects or contaminants entering the country, they check every part of the vehicle and your vehicle should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid it being sent back and you will have to bear the expenses.
  • Your documents should be properly maintained. Remember you should have owned the vehicle at least for 12 months prior to moving to Australia.
Shipping motorcycles to Australia requires plenty of preparations and precautions well ahead of the actual date of moving. Only an experienced moving company can do it meticulously. To fix such a company, you can opt for filling our online form and get multiple free quotes. Choose the one that serves you better and allow them to do the job of shipping the motorcycle to Australia for you. Just relax!!