Shipping motorcycles to Canada

Is your plan to move to Canada finalized yet? If yes, you should start working on moving your belongings to Canada with the help of a reliable moving company. For this, you may get plenty of movers who can do the job without much of problem. But if you have a motorcycle that needs to be shipped to Canada, you need to hire a moving company that has a vast experience in shipping motorcycles to the country. You might have heard stories about how finding a moving company is strenuous. But we have a solution for you. We have an online form which you can fill in with the details that you want the moving companies to know and prepare the quotes based on them. When you provide the details, we will get you free quotes from various moving companies which have expertise in the area. Remember, this is done at absolutely no cost.

When your plan to move to Canada is finalized, your immediate concern should be to find the right type of moving company that will do the transporting aspect of the move. It could involve your personal belongings or your vehicles. When you want to ship your motorcycle, you need to ponder over many things, some of which are:
  • The company should have enough expertise in shipping motorcycles to Canada.
  • It is also advisable for you to get reports from those who have utilized the services of the company to move the vehicles.
  • The quote that the company gives should have no hidden charges.
  • All the terms and conditions should be properly understood by you. If there is any, that is not clear, you must get the same clarified from the moving company.
  • The insurance the moving company has should be sufficient to cover the full value of the vehicle. If not, you should arrange for additional cover.
  • The motorcycle should be transported in containers that are equipped to prevent any damage.
  • You must ensure the exact time of delivery of the motorcycle.
  • All the vehicles being shipped to Canada are required to be cleaned properly prior to shipment as they will be subjected to quarantine inspection by the Canada Quarantine department when the motorcycle arrives in Canada.
  • The motorcycle should be steam cleaned and more attention shojuld be given to the bottom portion. This will save both money and time.
  • The motorcycle should be crated in the container properly to prevent any damage to the vehicle.
  • Find out if the moving company offers tracking facility.
  • The representative of the moving company should inspect the motorcycle prior to the shipping and any damage on the vehicle should be noted down.
  • The moving company should make use of special transporter who has wide experience in this area.
  • All the liquids should be emptied, leaving a little fuel sufficient to drive it to the destination.
  • All personal items are to be removed.
Though it should be admitted that moving your motorcycle will be stressful, if you plan the move carefully by selecting the right type of moving companies, it will be a safe and simple procedure. Knowing well about the moving company who undertake the job for you will ease your tension. For such a smooth sailing of the shipping of the motorcycle to Canada, our online form will be of great help as we can get free quotes from moving companies for your consideration.