Shipping motorcycles to Costa Rica

It is quite common to see people relocating to Costa Rica in lieu of better prospects or education. If you are one among them, moving to Costa Rica, then you must have already started planning about moving things and motorcycle. To ensure safe and stress-free moving of these goods, it is very essential that you hire a moving company that has expertise in this area. It is true to some extent that finding such an experienced moving company is tough, but not always. Especially, when you fill in our online form providing all the details of your requirements, things become easy as we get the free quotes from moving companies. You have to compare the services and the prices, and whichever appeals to you, you can finalize it. This is done absolutely free of cost for you as we have understood the strain involved in finding a good moving company. Try it now!

When you plan to move your motorcycle to Costa Rica, there are many things that need to be cared for.
  • You must get all the documents ready much prior to the date of shipping the motorcycle.
  • The documents that you would need include the title of ownership which has no liens, bill of sale, licence, and insurance.
  • Original title of the vehicle and bill of lading are also needed.
  • The moving company should arrange at Costa Rica to clear the motorcycle through customs by paying the required taxes as applicable in Costa Rica.
  • You can find out the exact amount from the Costa Rica import offices.
  • The age of the vehicle does not matter. You can ship any make or model motorcycle.
  • The preparation of the vehicle includes servicing, repairing, emptying the fluids, and inflating the tyres.
  • The moving company should secure the motorcycle to the shipping pellet and load the same into the truck.
  • The moving company should be informed of the approximate departure date, type of motorcycle, and the type of service required, such as door to door or terminal to terminal.
  • Remember to remove all the personal belongings as they will not be covered by insurnce.
  • All alarms and signalling devices should be switched off prior to transport.
  • The vehicle should abide by all the rules and regulations prevailing in Costa Rica. Else you face the risk of getting it sent back and bearing the expenses.
  • The motorcycle should clear the inspections at the port.
  • Shipping the motorcycle by ship may be less expensive but it will take time, while if it is moved by air, the cost is high but it saves plenty of time.
  • Insurance offered by the moving company should cover the full value of the motorcycle and if it is not, you must arrange for additional cover.
  • There should be no hidden charges in the quote. All the terms and conditions should be clear and you must get the ones that are not understood by you from the moving company.
  • The person who helps in clearing the vehicle at the customs of Costa Rica should be well versed with the laws of the country.
The identification of a good moving company will ensure that nothing goes wrong in the course of the shipping of the motorcycle to Costa Rica. Our online form will surely be of great help to you in finding the right one and get rid of the tension and stress associated with the shipping of the motorcycle to Costa Rica.