Shipping motorcycles to Europe

Do you have plans to relocate to Europe for various reasons such as business, education, or other personal reasons? When the date and travel plans have been finalized, you must start looking for a moving company who will undertake the responsibility of moving your personal things and vehicles like motorcycles. What is heartening is the news that there are many such moving companies but the concern is how to identify the one that suits your requirements. We extend our helping hand to you at this juncture. For your convenience, we have introduced an online form where you can provide all the details. We will get you free quotes from moving companies. You can compare the quotes and services provided by them and enter into contract with the one that fits your expectations. You will not be charged any for this service - Do not wait anymore!

There are many things that you need to look into before shipping your motorcycle to Europe. Some of them are:
  • Check the reliability of the moving company before you enter into any contract with them.
  • Their insurance amount should cover the full value of the vehicle, failing which you need to arrange for additional cover.
  • It is advisable not to keep any personal belongings in the motorcycle as this will not be covered under insurance.
  • Have a spare set of keys with you.
  • Repair, service, and thorough inspection of the vehicle is absolutely essential.
  • Try to take photos of the vehicle which will help you in claiming insurance once the shipping is completed.
  • Find out the approximate time for delivery of the motorcycle after shipment.
  • All the rules and regulations as stipulated by the government should be followed by the moving company.
  • The motorcycle should be kept ready in advance for the shipment.
  • All the fluids should be drained and fuel sufficient to drive to the destination alone should be left. The tyres should be kept inflated.
  • When you analyze the quote offered by the moving company, look for any hidden prices.
  • Understand the terms and conditions of the contract perfectly and if you are not clear about any, get the same clarified by the moving company.
  • Find out if the moving company can arrange to deliver the motorcycle in your exact location in Europe.
  • The moving company should specify the mode of transportation, such as air or sea, of your motorcycle.
  • Ensure that the motorcycle is in working condition so that it can be driven to the destination upon arrival in Europe.
  • The moving company should have personnel capable of clearing the vehicle through customs and taxes.
  • Handover the documents as required by the destination country to the moving company for smooth clearing of the vehicle.
  • Documents such as evidence of ownership which includes registration document and passport details are to be submitted.
  • Shipping the motorcycle by air will save time but this is quite expensive.
An experienced moving company can make the shipping of motorcycle to Europe a very smooth affair. Their experience will ensure less stress for you. You will find our online form very useful in locating the moving company that is ready to shoulder the task of shipping your motorcycle to a given destination in Europe. Try and see the outcome!