Shipping motorcycles to Hawaii

If you want to get quotes for shipping motorcycles to Hawaii and also want to find that how you can choose a good moving company out of so many of them around then go ahead and fill the form here to get the estimates from some of the best moving companies.

Once you get estimates then next step is to find out about the services and the quality of these services that you can get from these moving companies in your budget. When you choose a moving company make sure that it qualifies on the following grounds:

Reliable and affordable

To check the reliability of a motorcycle moving company you should see if they have been in the business for quite some time. They should have trained drivers and professional staff to handle the shipping of your bike. Registered companies with adequate experience in this field can be good choice. Moreover the services provided by them should fall in your budget. It is better to choose the ones which provide door to door service for your convenience.

Properly equipped and availability of specialty trucks

The moving company must be properly equipped with the right equipments. Good moving companies have special equipments to load your bike into protective skids which ensure the safety of your bike during the move. For placing the correct hardware you need trained professionals. There should be high value trucks which are used for transporting the bikes in enclosed vehicles to avoid any damage caused by wind or rains.

Use of soft ties to avoid scratches on your beloved possession, protective packing and handling of fragile parts, careful handling of your oversized motorcycles are some of the points separate good movers from just professional movers.

Open policies

The moving company must have open policies about everything related to transportation, fee and charges, valuation and damage and claims. Nothing should come out as surprise to you later. The best way is to get everything on paper so that you have a supporting document for everything. In fact the moving company must be proactive in handing over all the required documents to you.

Shipment tracking system

These days any moving company which is above average has a tracking system for shipments. This is a very essential facility which you must get so that you can easily find out the position of your bike while it is being transported. This also helps you in tracking if your bike will be delivered on the date committed to you.


When you sign the contract then you should see the value of protection that you are being provided for your motorcycle. Read the entire clause and also see the amount of additional coverage that you can get.

For shipping motorcycles to Hawaii the moving companies may offer quotes that may not vary too much in terms of cost but it is essential to check if the company qualifies on the basis of above points. In any case the first step towards approaching these moving companies is to fill up the enquiry form and let them approach you.