Shipping motorcycles to India

Is India your destination for settling down and are you really worried how to ship your personal belongings and your motorcycle to India? Once you have decided on the date of your moving to India, you should start looking for moving companies that can ship your belongings and vehicles safely to India, which needs extreme care and efficient handling. No doubts, finding such a moving company is difficult, but when you come to us, the task is made easy!! Want to know how? You just need to provide all the details of the motorcycle, such as make, model, and other details and also mention your specifications of services. We will help you in getting free quotes from such moving companies, upon receipt of which, you can compare the offers and decide which one to book. Remember, all these are done absolutely free of cost!! Are you not happy about it?

Once the date of moving is finalized, the most important thing on the list of things to do is fixing up a good moving company which will ensure safe shipping of your motorcycle to India. For this, you must ensure that the moving company that you hire is:
  • One that has a user-friendly website with all details and easily accessible.
  • The moving company should be properly licensed and have adequate insurance coverage for the full value of the motorcycle.
  • The company should have specialized in motorcycle shipping to India as the motorcyles are quite fragile and only trained personnel can do the shipping safely.
  • The moving company should have proper equipment to handle the motorcycle while shipping to India.
  • The motorcycle should be fastened and protected within the container to prevent any damage. Specific straps meant for this purpose are to be used by the moving company.
  • Each country has its own rules and regulations with regard to importing of vehicles. So the moving company should be quite well versed with the same and should not create any problem to you at the time of shipping.
  • All the documents related to the motorcycle, such as bill of purchase, invoice, passport copy, insurance, and other details as required by the customs in India are to be produced at the time of clearing the customs in India.
  • The moving company should be aware of how to clear the vehicle off the customs and other taxes and should undertake to deliver the motorcycle at your destination in India.
  • The motorcycle should be prepared for the shipping. It should be cleaned, repaired, and all the liquids drained except a little fuel to drive it out of the port.
  • The exact time of delivery of the motorcycle should also be informed to you.
  • Tracking facility, proper licence, insurance coverage, and reports from others who have utilized the services of the moving company are vital aspects to be taken note of for shipping motorcycles to India.
When there is a wise option of choosing the best moving company that will cater to all your demands by just filling our online form, this aspect of moving to India should not bother you much. Take the help of our online form and relax!!