Shipping motorcycles to Israel

What should be the next move? This is the question in anybody's mind when he or she has decided to move to Israel. Obviously, the answer is to plan about shipping the personal belongings and the motorcycle. In order to ensure a safe and efficient shipping of motorcycle, one needs to hire a moving company who has got wide experience in the same. Though often, it is said, finding such a moving company is never easy, it can be made one. Wondering how? Yes, by opting to fill in our online form with all the details of the motorcycle and the specific requirements you have from the moving company. You will be getting free moving quotes from moving companies who do this job perfectly. Now your job is only to compare them and decide on which one to finalize. Is it not an easy affair?

In order to ship your motorcycle to Israel, you need to follow certain tips:
  • First thing that you must think of before shipping your motorcycle is about the clear title to the vehicle without any liens. The title should be in your name.
  • The motorcycle should have been manufactured in the country from where you are moving to Israel.
  • If the motorcycle has been manufactured in Europe, no restriction on the place of manufacture is applicable.
  • If the motorcycle is more than 30 years old, no restrictions apply as it is considered as an antique motorcycle.
  • The important documents that you may need to produce for clearing the vehicle through customs in Israel are, the Israeli driving licence, approval from Ministry of Transportation for shipping the motorcycle into the country, a letter from the authorized importer of the vehicle stating that they will supply the spare parts for the vehicle as and when needed, overseas driving license, and import license prior to the arrival of the motorcycle in Isarel. If you do not have this import license, you will be fined and this can be applied for on the internet also.
  • Tourists are not permitted to import a motorcycle, but if you are a student, you can keep the motorcycle till your education is completed.
  • Motorcycle can be shipped to Israel by air or sea.
  • The actual weight, volume, and model are taken into consideration for the taxes.
  • The rates are quite high when the motorcycle is transported by air.
  • The sea route may work out cheaper.
  • The type of motorcycle should be permitted in Israel.
  • The vehicle should be insured for its full value including taxes as per the Israeli market for any eventuality.
  • The motorcycle should be prepared for the shipping in advance. It should be repaired and washed thoroughly.
  • It should be in accordance with the specifications of motorcycles applicable to Israel.
  • The moving company should be able to handle customs and duty taxes on your behalf to clear the vehicle and deliver it in your destination.
  • The quote provided by the moving company should have no hidden expenses.
  • Ensure that the motorcycle is properly strapped in the container and the container is a closed one to prevent any damage from outside.
You must choose the company that will be willing to take up the responsibility of shipping the motorcycle to Israel with all the care and precautions that a owner would take. To find such a movingcompany, our online form would help you greatly. Take advantage of the same!!