Shipping motorcycles to Italy

Do you want to ship motorcycles to Italy? If yes, then why not get the quotes from some of the moving companies? Yes, by filling up a simple form you can get quotes from more than one moving company. So why not begin your hunt from here!

Shipping Motorcycles to Italy can be costly affair because not many moving companies do that. This is why it becomes important to calculate the worth of your bike and then compare it with the cost of moving and do the simple mathematics. If you still want to ship your motorcycle then you must have some important information that will be helpful during the move.

First of all after you get the estimates from a moving company, try to call them and speak to someone in person and discuss the estimate. Say yes only after you are fully convinced and prepared yourself for relying on the moving company. Once everything else is sorted then you should take care of the way your motorcycle is packed and loaded. Most of the good movers palletize your bike and strap it. There should be at least 4 straps so that your bike is fully secure. Two straps must be in the front and 2 at the back.

Pallets are also known as skids and there is a different style of skid for each type of model. It is especially designed to ship your bike safely. Bike is then covered and transported in enclosed truck. These trucks are known as auto transporters and they have lift gates at the back and your bike is loaded safely into these transporter trucks safely.

Remember, if you bike is larger and wider than the popular models or if the movers do not have the skid for the bikes like yours then you may have to arrange it on your own. These things should be discussed in advance. Once your bike is loaded and the truck gets on the move then there would be a transit time of 1 to 3 weeks depending on the location from where the bike is to be picked.

Before you think of shipping Motorcycles to Italy you must know its weight, length and width. Drain all the liquids and make it ready for the move by unlocking the steering, folding all the mirrors, removing glove box and saddle bags. Send the keys and documents must be sent by courier and most of the moving companies do not have the policy to take keys and documents. In fact spare parts must also not be shipped with bike. Helmet and windshield can be shipped along with the bike.

Most of the moving companies provide door to door service but it is better to pick it from the commercial businesses so that you can save time and money both. On delivery sign the condition report and report damage on this report else it is not possible to get claims. There is lot more that you should know and you can ask your movers if you have any question but the entire process will begin after you fill the form and let movers contact you. So go ahead and fill the enquiry form to get started.