Shipping motorcycles to Puerto Rico

Have you decided on shipping your motorcycle to Puerto Rico? If yes, then you need to plan well ahead for the same. Finding a good moving company for the purpose should find the topmost place in your checklist of things to do. The company should have ample experience in handling the shipping of motorcycle to Peurto Rico. It could prove tough if you start looking for a moving company on your own. So, we can help you in finding a proper moving company for shipping your motorcycle. You just need to fill in our online form with all the details of the vehicle and the services you expect from the moving company. When that is done, we get you free moving quotes from companies. You can then compare them all and decide on which one to choose. Remember, all this is done absolutely free of cost, because we have realized how painful and tedious the whole process can turn out to be. Is it not a unique offer?

When shipping the motorcycle to Puerto Rico, there are so many conditions that need to be fulfilled as there are plenty of rules in the country that decide allowing the motorcycle inside the country. Some of the important ones that you must pay attention to are:
  • The motorcycle should have no personal items as these are not considered for insurance purposes.
  • The vehicle will be subjected to physical inspection by the authorities.
  • Tax and customs duties are to be paid by the owner on arrival.
  • The main documents required are, the original title certificate, original registration, driving license that has the postal address in Puerto Rico, docments with details of the vehcile such as make, model, and copy of the title to the motorcycle.
  • Apart from the above, customs form, certificate of compliance with the laws of the country, and keys.
  • The vehicle will not be allowed to go out of the port unless all the taxes, duties, and licence fees are paid
  • The excise taxes will depend on the value of the motorcycle.
  • Registration should be done in accordance with the laws in Puerto Rico.
  • Ensure that the container used by the movingcompany is specially designed for the purpose.
  • The motorcycle should be straped inside the container to prevent from moving and damaging during the transit.
  • The quote provided by the moving company should mention about the insurance coverage available for the vehicle. It should cover the full value of the motorcycle and if it is not so, you must arrange for addtional cover.
  • Find out if the moving company would offer door-to-door shipping or terminal-to-terminal shipping. The door-to-door service would cost more and the terminal-to-terminal service may be offered at a discounted price.
  • The moving company should arrange for their agents to clear the motorcycle through customs and other formalities in the destination port.
  • All the terms and conditions of the quote should be understood thoroughly and you must get any term that is not clear explained to you by the moving company.
Factors such as quote, experience, report from others about the services of the moving company, and the services offered may come into picture when choosing a moving company for shipping your motorcycle to Puerto Rico. To ensure a smooth finalization of the same, our online form will be of great help to you. Try and enjoy a stress-free shipping of your motorcycle!!