Shipping motorcycles to Spain

When you have finalized your plans to move to Spain, the next step that you would want to take is planning about moving your personal belongings to Spain carefully and safely. If you have a motorcycle to be moved to Spain, the responsibility is more as your vehicle should be transported without any damage. For carrying out such an important task, it is very important that you find a moving company that has wide experience in this field. You may get different versions of how difficult it is to find such a company. But do not get panicky. We are here to help you. All you need to do is simply fill in the online form and provide the details of your vehicle and your requirements. We will help you to get as many quotes from moving companies so that you can compare the features, services, and the price to finalize one. Would you believe, we do this help to you absolutely free of cost! Come to us to believe it!

There are many steps involved in shipping the motorcycles to Spain:
  • Once you have finalized the moving company, you must ensure that they have substantial experience in shipping motorcycles to Spain.
  • They must be well versed with the rules and regulations prevailing in Spain for shipping a motorcycle.
  • You must get reports from persons who have availed their services in shipping the motorcycles.
  • Ensure that they have insurance coverage for the full value of the motorcycle.
  • Read the quote thoroughly and understand every condition. If you do not understand any, get the clarification from the moving company.
  • The moving company will have to be given copies of all the documents of the vehicle.
  • The list of documents would include vehicle log book, and passport of the person who is shipping the motorcycle.
  • As per Spanish law, you need to have all the documents of the vehicle, such as log book, driving licence, insurance certificate, and MOT. If you do not possess these documents, you will be penalized heavily and the authorities may even seize the vehicle.
  • You should not leave any personal belongings inside the vehicle as they will not be covered by the insurance company.
  • Prepare the motorcycle in advance in accordance with the rules prevailing in Spain.
  • Since most of the countries are keen on the cleanliness of the motorcycle, you must get the vehicle serviced prior to the transportation.
  • The moving company should be able to give the exact time of delivery of the vehicle and should have people in Spain to handle customs and other taxations.
  • The mode of transportation, such as air or sea should be informed to you.
  • Ensure that the motorcycle is carefully loaded onto the pallets and secured safely. Have photographs of the motorcycle before transporting and get it endorsed by the moving company for future references.
  • Empty the oil and other fluids in the motorcycle and have the tyres inflated. There should be some fuel left to drive it to the destination.
  • After the transportation, check the motorcycle thoroughly for any damage and if any is found, report to the insurance company immediately.
Remember to check if the moving company that you engage is thorough with the laws of Spain so that you do not face difficulty in taking delivery of the vehicle. Your moving company should make the whole process simple and smooth, and for this our online form will surely be of great help to you. Provide the details, choose the company after comparison, and leave the responsibility to the moving company!!