Shipping motorcycles to UK

Have you confirmed your plans to relocate to UK? If yes, you must have started planning the next moves and the topmost in the list should be finding a moving company for transporting your goods and vehicles. You must be aware that your motorcycle should be shipped with utmost care and delivered to you without any damage, when you move to UK. Only a good moving company can execute this task meticulously. It is often said that finding such a company is quite tough and requires lots of efforts. This is to some extent true, but we have understood your difficulties and so we extend our helping hand to you in this regard. We have an online form which you can fill in with all the details of your motorcycle and your specifications. You will get plenty of quotes from moving companies who are specialists in this task. You now have only to compare the quotes and services and decide on a particular moving company. You are being offered this service absolutely free of cost!! Is there any reason for you to wait to fill the form? Start it at once!!

You must realize that shipping a motorcycle to UK involves plenty of preparations and precautions. Your planning should include:
  • Finding an affordable means to ship the motorcycle. Shipping by sea is the cheapest means of transportation but the transit time is more. By air, it takes very short time but you must think of the cost involved.
  • When you have decided on shipping the motorcycle by ship, it is absolutely essential that you crate the motorcycle to avoid any damage.
  • Your motorcycle should be prepared for the transportation prior to crating. Any fluid should be drained and allowed only to the permissible levels. The battery should be disconnected.
  • The motorcycle should be cleaned and serviced prior to the shipping.
  • The moving company will be calculating the cost based on the weight, volume, and make of the motorcycle.
  • The insurance cover should be based on the value of the motorcycle and if the moving company does not have sufficient cover, you must get additional insurance.
  • The moving company should be given the copy of documents in advance.
  • Ensure that the moving company has reliable persons in UK port to clear the vehicle through customs and duties. They should be able to deliver the vehicle in the destination.
  • Find out if RO/RO facility is available with the moving company for shipping your motorcycle as exclusive cotnainers will work out expensive.
  • Get the exact time of delivery of the vehicle at the UK destination. Find out if they have tracking system so that you can follow their whereabouts.
  • Before fixing up the moving company, get reports from people who have utilized their services for their reliability and careful execution of the moving.
  • Remember to verify if there are any hidden charges in the invoice.
  • Follow all the rules pertaining to shipping the motorcycle to UK meticulously to avoid any legal complications.
A good moving company should be capable of making the entire operation very smooth and stress free. Finding such a company is not a daunting task if you fill in our online form with your requirements. A company that caters to all your needs can be chosen and entrusted with the responsibility of shipping your motorcycle safely to UK.