Things to Look for in a Motorcycle Shipping Company

Whether you`re searching online or in the yellow pages, you will definitely find that there are dozens of motorcycle shipping companies available. Not only will you find companies with varying price ranges, you’ll also find companies that could charge you a dime and companies that might ask you for a fortune. So, how do you know which motorcycle shipping company to pick? Well, for starters, you should look for the following things:


The worst assumption you could make is that the shipping company of your choice is actually a registered company. Looking for registration is extremely important, particularly when you’re dealing with international shipping. Finding out if the company is registered and if they’ve been in the business for a substantial amount of time helps build trust so that you can ship your motorcycle with little to no worry.


If you have a lot of friends that are motorcycle junkies, they may know of a reputable company that you can look into. Reputation, aside from registration, is also an important thing to look for. In fact, you can easily discern a reputable company from an inexperienced company by visiting the company’s website. A reputable company will have all of the information you need and want posted on their website. Information you should look for includes a detailed list of their services, their rates, the countries that they ship to and also a specific timeline for their shipping. A company that isn’t afraid to put information up on their website is a point in their favor as it means that they are confident in the service they are providing.

Proper Warehouse Amenities

Facilities are another thing that you should look for when you’re dealing with a shipping company. The company could have cheap rates and a great customer service team, but if they don’t have the warehouses and ports that are so important for shipping, you could wind up with a damaged motorcycle. When you ask about the facilities of the company, make sure that their warehouses or ports are equipped to handle the kind of motorcycle that you are shipping. Making sure that the company has the right facilities also ensures that your bike is properly cared for and stored.

Professional Assistance for Special Cases

Every motorcycle is different and this means that different procedures or special arrangements may be needed on a case-to-case basis. When picking a motorcycle shipping company, make sure that they have professional assistance available for special cases. If, for example, you have a motorcycle from Harley Davidson or BMW, you will need to make sure that the company has motorcycle specialists on hand for the shipping process because these bikes need special care for the bikes’ accessories.

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