What Motorcycle shipping options are available to you

The main issue of a relocation that usually haunts one is transporting the personal belongings. The pressure mounts when you think of transporting your motorcycle also to the new place. It requires high level of experience and exposure to ship a motorcycle and can be achieved with least pressure when a good moving company is approached for the purpose. There are many options for shipping the motorcycle so that the vehicle does not suffer any damage.

To cite a few such options for shipping motorcycles:

Crated shipping: When you plan to ship your motorcycle, you can also have the option of having your own crate, place the bike into it, leave it with the moving company and also pickup the same at the destination. The crate dimensions should be in accordance with the permissible levels. You can also get a used one sometimes in shops. The moving company would want you to remove all the fluids from the bike and battery should be disconnected. The motorcycle has to be completely covered with the sides protected with plywood of specific measurements. It is also implied that when you send the motorcycle by crated shipping, you need to drop and pickup the vehicle at and from the terminals of the moving company. You will not be charged for the crate as you will only get the crate and pack the vehicle inside.

Container: When you opt for container shipping for the motorcycle, the moving company will be allotting a heavy duty metal container which is particularly made for the transportation of motorcycles. You have to get the motorcycle to the terminal of the moving company for loading and do the same at the destination point also. Such terminals are usually located nearer to the airports and seaports so that it is easy to transport the containers. As in any motorcycle shipping, you should remove all the fluids from the bike and the battery has also to be disconnected. You can pack the bike inside the container yourself by securing the same well. The wheels should be on the track on the floor of the container and you need to get locks for the doors of the container. When you take delivery of the vehicle, you need to unlock the container, and take the vehicle from the container. Based on the size of the motorcycle, containers are available. It has to be noted that the container shipping companies operate between terminals only.

Pallet: Yet another option for you to transport the motorcycle is the Pallet shipping where you will be provided with a soft tiedown straps and also heavy duty wooden pallet. The motorcycle will be placed on the wooden pallet and tied properly, both at the front and back of the bike. You will be able to have online access about the movement of the vehicle through their website. Tractor or trailer should be able to reach the origin and destination points without any difficulty. Loading docks are not needed for this type of transportation but ramps and pallet jacks are used.

It is very important that a good moving company is arranged to transport your belongings without any hassles. To find one such company, you can opt for online forms which are present on the websites and when you provide the details, you will get free quotes from moving companies. You can compare the quotes and decide the company for the moving purpose.

Uncrated shipping: A few shipping companies do not use crate of a pallet for shipping the motorcycle. The containers have tracks on the floor where the motorcycles fit perfectly and do not move. The front and back of the bike are tied properly with tiedown straps. The moving companies usually charge you by the miles and the services you want. The origin and destination points of the transportation should be accessible for trailers. Else, the moving company should pickup and drop the vehicle at a point agreed upon by both of you. Ramps and lift gates are usually found in this type of containers and so loading docks may not be needed for shipping the motorcycle.