Which is the Best International Motorcycle Shipping Company for me?

Shipping a motorcycle overseas takes a lot of planning, documentation and safety precautions like insurance and proper packing of the crates or containers. Equally important in the shipping process is picking the right international motorcycle shipping company for you. How do you go about picking the right company? What do you need to consider when you’re choosing? Here are a few important things to keep in mind when picking the best shipping company for you.

First Impressions Last

Just like a first impression lasts when you meet someone new, the first impression that a motorcycle shipping company makes will also last. Shipping companies will always make their first impression on you through their website so when you’re viewing the different websites, pay attention to whether or not the website is user friendly. A good rule of thumb when choosing the right shipping for you is if the shipping company is truly professional with quality services, they will post all of their services and resources on the website.

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Motorcycle shipping companies can go on and on about how they are well equipped to handle the shipping of your particular motorcycle, but we all know that companies will only put their best foot forward and sometimes, they will oversell themselves just to get you to pick them. To make sure that the shipping company can truly handle the requirements of your motorcycle, ask them for pictures. Dedicated and trustworthy motorcycle shipping companies will have picture of their equipment on hand and on their website for people to see. For example, hauling Harley’s requires special tracks and crates for shipment, if the company can truly handle the bike, they’ll show you pictures of the equipment they use.

Good Customer Service is Key

Ever heard of the saying “time is money?” A good motorcycle shipping company understands that saying and will have a great customer service available. To determine whether the company has good customer service, try calling the company a few times. If you can get live help each time, you can be more comfortable and assured that when it comes time to track your shipment, your call won’t go straight to voice mail. Also, see if you can track your shipment online via the company’s website. Another indication of a great customer service, check if they have a department or team that is available solely for the handling of any damages or claims.

To narrow down your search for the right motorcycle shipping company, try out our free online quotes service. Online forms are available at our site and ask for detailed information in terms of the shipping you require and the kind of motorcycle being shipping. Once you input all of the required information, quotes and estimates from various motorcycle shipping companies will be forwarded to you by us. Not only will this help you find a company that fits your budget, but it can also help you zero in on the companies that you feel you can trust.